Looking for Jewelry as a Gift

A close friend was having a major birthday and I couldn’t think of the right gift. Then I remember how much she loves earrings and how wonderful they look on her with her short black hair. So I was looking around a bit online at some of my favorite shops so I could have a pair sent directly to her. Here are some of my top picks:

I’ve blogged before about the amazing Cog and Pearl shop on 5th Ave in Brooklyn, but I need to mention it again here. In another Brooklyn shop I noticed a beautiful necklace made by Wendy Mink, so I decided to look on her site too. Another designer that coworkers from BAM introduced me to is Jane Diaz, whose silver pieces are classic. And one of my more recent favs and the place where Craig and I found my wedding ring(!) is St. Kilda. The shop also on 5th Ave in Brooklyn is a treasure trove of sharp and delicate beauty. I love its slate gray walls and gold neon script on those walls.

But I ended up picking a pair of earrings on a site that I bookmarked long ago called the silly name of shopbop.com. But they have very pretty jewelry.