Enjoying Vine – Saint Flashlight’s Planetary Series

My creative partner Drew Pisarra and I (working together under the name Saint Flashlight) jumped right in when Vine, the six-second iphone app, was introduced and are in the process of one of what might be several series of Vines. The first topic is the planets.

We’ve done Mercury (versions one and two), Mars (one and two), Saturn (one and two),  Jupiter (one and two), Venus (one and two, coming soon),and are now working on Neptune, Uranus, and Earth. We debated whether we should include Pluto and decided to follow scientists’ new classification of Pluto as a dwarf planet. But we still want to do the Sun, Moon, Pluto, North Star and more. Maybe we’ll denote those as “Other Stuff in the Sky”.

You can follow Saint Flashlight on twitter to view the Vines as they are posted.