Working on my website

Since we have another day at home here in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, it is a perfect time to work with Craig on finishing my website. My blog proved very useful today as I was trying to remember web examples that I wanted to show him. I remembered that I blogged about this a while back — more than two years ago I found out! — and tracked down my 2010 post that linked to three sites I like.

Since then, I have found other sites that intrigue me including The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program curator, Nina Katchadourian’s site, which I looked at after I met her just after staring my new job and before she heads off to be a professor at NYU.

Nina Katchadourian

And I recently saw a show by artist Asuka Ohsawa at Nancy Margolis Gallery. I looked at her site trying to find out more about this artist whose work I loved.

Asuka Ohsawa

And after watching several of the speakers at the recent Creative Time Summit online, Jeanne van Heeswijk stood out so I looked at her site too.

Jeanne van Heeswijk

Now I just need to wait for Craig to wake up after he fell back asleep on the couch where we are watching CNN silently and listening to WNYC.


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