Scenes from a Modern Marriage – A Klout Battle

Lately Craig and I have been having discussions that I think are specific to our time and to our fields with Craig being a developer and my recent forays into social media within my arts publicity work.

-About a month ago Craig noted that his Klout score was 42, so I checked mine and it was 44. I was sort of perturbed that our scores were so close considering that Craig doesn’t often use social media. He tweets now and then. Albeit he has written some zingers such as: “I care about 100% of the 53% of the American people that I care about.” – Mittens. On the other hand, I am gung-ho, recently beginning to use instagram, pinterest, tumblr with verve.

-So we became friendly competitors. I added all my new social media streams to Klout and my score soared to 57 in a few days. I would call Craig at work and just say “48 here”. I was happy.

-A day or two ago Craig happened to think of Klout again and looked up his scored (and mine). He was at 57! and I was at 55! Yikes. Craig is a very low key person and it’s hard to get a rise out of him. But that evening I have never seen him happier; he was aglow and looked like a cat with a canary in its mouth. I was aghast and loudly proclaimed Klout must be broken, because It Made No Sense! Craig thought his rise was due to retweets from his well-connected friends. That’s when I told him I would now refrain from all further marital support on the social media front — that meant No More @craigcoded mentions. And I tweeted “Modern relationship problem: I’m on a one-way retweet street.”, noting that Craig had been remiss in his partner twitter duties!

-Up to this point we have successfully navigated the rocky shoals of social media, privacy, and partnership. I never posted a photo of Craig without asking him first and I show him any posts that contain information about him. He is a much more private person than I am. And I guess I will continue to do so. He is asleep now, but I will wait for him to wake up and read this before I post it. Because, for the most part (especially when I am winning), our online competition is fun.


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