Book Love

Seeing artist Nina Katchadourian post on this wonderful New Yorker round up of Books as Muses made me feel joyful and think about just how much I love books and love to read. I love to read via all the mediums available to us. Paper is a wonderful technology and nothing will replace it for me. I love holding books, turning the pages, noting favorite pages with a post it or a handwritten scribble in the front page.

I also love reading on my computer or my phone. My husband introduced me to Instapaper which changed my reading life. Now I often hit the “Read Later” button that I installed on my browser when I don’t have time during the day to delve into a longer article. Then I do read it later on the subway. I also am happy to have a kindle to read books during my commute or when I’m travelling. It is not aesthetically pleasing and the bookmarking option is not as satisfiying as my post its or handwritten notes, but I use both. And am happy to have several books to choose from when travelling. Also I do buy paper books, new and second hand via amazon. But I also buy books via the spectacular book shops of New York. Although I haven’t been to all those mentioned in this round up, many of my favorites are mentioned (Unnamable, St. Mark’s, Strand).

Typing this made me remember Flavorwire’s amazing posts on the most beautiful bookstores and beautiful libraries from around the world. It is good to not forget libraries in my thoughts on the love of books. And just now I found their post on bizarre libraries, which are stunning.


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