The Joy of Side Projects

My best pal Drew and I have been chatting about the joy and importance of work that’s not related to paid work. We both take our jobs very seriously, but often talk about how it’s key not to think and talk about work all the time.

Recently he’s been working on a great project: producing a night of Gertrude Stein that he named “Now Repeat in Steinese”. He’s having four directors (or directorial teams) work on the same Stein piece “White Wine”. So during the evening the audience will see their four versions with white wine also being served. I was proud when Drew asked me to design the postcard announcing the show. I couldn’t have done with without Craig’s advice and photoshop skills. Here’s the piece below. As it states here the project will run every Tuesday in June at Under St. Marks Theatre. Here’s the facebook event page “Now Repeat in Steinese“,

And last year together we created a creative group that we named Saint Flashlight. Our first project was a video piece called Metal Rings that we made for the wonderful Crest Hardware Art Show. For this show one must offer pieces related to hardware. This year we are writing haikus in electrical tape that we’ll place on the Crest Hardware’s ceiling. The show opens June 19.


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