Spa Castle-A Journey to Flushing Queens

As a special treat my pal Drew and I decided to take a journey to discover the Korean wonderland that is Spa Castle. I had heard about it from a book club pal. We thought we’d see how to reach Flushing, Queens via public transportation knowing it would be quite a journey from Brooklyn.

Our first roadblock was the F. At the moment on the weekends one needs to take a bus to Jay Street-a very slow bus. Then when we finally reached the F train we road it into Queens where it meets up with the 7. Taking the 7 to the end of the line we made it, or so we thought. Spa Castle’s web site mentions a shuttle bus from the train. But coming out of the station to what might be one of the busiest corners of NY, there was no sign of the shuttle. Luckily I knew that bus Q25 also would take us within walking distance of the Spa.

Once we arrived, prepared with our swimming suits, we were given the uniform, which reminded us of Logan’s Run or as Drew said we might be in rehab! Then we entered the spa wonderland with its many many saunas. Two of our favorites were the huge one that was like a sweat lodge and a chilly one with ice walls. When we return, we thought it would be a bit better to go during the week because although it wasn’t too busy that Saturday, there were many school-age teens who liked to chat a lot, a whole lot.

We also reserved massage ahead, as recommended, and we both walked out on air feels like our minds had been massaged too! Upstairs in the two heated pools had blasts of water were hilariously strong and served as a second massage.

Our final conclusion was that it’s well worth a repeat visit, but we’ll need to find a car and take a day off during the week.


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