Creative Kick-Start

I keep thinking and talking to family and friends about carving out time for my own creative projects. Even my new year’s resolution was about this topic. I told everyone that my resolution was to live my life with a peace symbol in mind–or pie chart cut into three parts: friends/family, work, and my creative projects.  The most difficult piece of the pie is creative projects. If I had to go to work at 1pm on Sunday I’d be there, but it is much harder to set aside the same time for a personal project. Or at least at the start. I’m guessing that once you have a framework, it’s easier to move forward. I managed to do this with my last chapbook. Setting a deadline, I worked backwards from that date to figure out when all the parts needed to be completed–drafts, copy editing, and printing.

Now I have a vague idea for a video project. I’m not sure if it will end up being a traditional short film or footage to use in an installation or maybe sometime to post on the web. That makes it a bit more difficult to start. But I think the first step is to try some of the ideas bouncing around in my head. I chatted with my brother Matthew today and he recommended two books that he thought could be helpful even for a non-traditional short film project. He suggested I read Writing Short Films by Linda Cowgill and Grammar of the Shot by Roy Thompson and Christopher J. Bowen. I like the idea of reading about the structure of short films as that might kick-start my getting out and getting started!


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