When You Are Sick…

…it’s hard to focus on anything serious. And yet it is so boring to sit with yourself and your achy throat and pounding head. And TV has slim pickings. I watched Kung Fu Panda (again), which I actually really liked. Jack Black is the perfect voice for the pudgy, feisty fighter. Then I viewed an assortment of C-level movies which have all melded in to one big wedding, as people were always getting married in them. Bette Midler was a mother in one.

When I was able to focus on reading, I’ve switched between two non-fiction books:

The Eye’s Mind: Bridget Riley (Collected Writings 1965-2009)
I found this book at my new favorite art book shop Ursus Books. I’m just getting started, but am loving it already. It delves into English painter Bridget Riley‘s thought process and development. I was so engrossed by her study of Seurat’s work.

Free for All: Joe Papp, The Public, and the Greatest Theater Story Ever Told
by Kenneth Turan & Joseph Papp
Stephen who lent me this book said this is one to read a bit at a time, and I understand why. Because it’s an oral history about the founder of The Public Theater as told to Kenneth Turan you are spending intense time either with Papp or with people close to him. It’s good to break that up a bit.
You can read excerpt from the book on the WSJ’s site here.


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