Working on A Website Of My Own

I haven’t had much time to discuss with Craig how I’d like him to design my Room 144 website which will house my art and poetry projects. But when we can we grab snippets of time to chat about it, he asked me to show him other artist’s web sites that I liked for a basis of our conversations.

I want my site to be a straightforward place to display work I’ve done, but also a site that can grow as I do. Further down I have a screen shot of the “floor plan” for what will be the landing page for Room 144. I’d like to have it ready and loaded with enough content to launch by this spring, hopefully by May.

Here are some of the sites I picked to show Craig:

Aakash Nihalani

Jason Polan

Heather Cox

Here’s the draft of Room 144’s Home page. There will be colors added to the final version that appear when a visitor places her/his mouse over a room.

Draft of Home Page for Room144 the web site


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