Fisher Landau Center for Art

Craig and I went on an outing yesterday to Long Island City in Queens. He wanted to check out the climate/gallery which had contacted him about participating in an upcoming group collage show. So we headed off.

On the way we happened upon an unobtrustive white building with a banner stating it was the “Fisher Landau Center for Art“. Entering the gate we saw three concrete sheep beckoning us. When we entered, a large  Edward Ruscha painting (The Act The Act of Letting a Person into Your Home, 1983) was behind the desk of the very friendly receptionist. It was quickly apparent that this three-story building is private collection.

The receptionist told us had been there since the early 1990s, but only open to the public since there early 2000s. The artists in the collection are  such as Ruscha, Kiki Smith, Barbara Kruger, and others I had heard of but didn’t know as well such as Glenn Ligon. I was amazed to stumble across a “small museum” with work of this caliber that I had never heard of. I guess I should keep wandering around town with my eyes open.


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