My Chapbook Between My Teeth

Yesterday I received the best email ever. A first of its kind. A bookstore, Bluestockings in the Lower East Side on Allen Street,  emailed me to REORDER my chapbook Between My Teeth. Reorder because they sold out of the first batch. I’m still on cloud nine. It’s the first time I’ve ever sold my work, the first time strangers have chosen to purchase something I’ve created–with help from my wonderful partner Craig who designed the fabulous the cover. It is a wonderful feeling.

I’ve also had work published online at Diagram. Please go here to view. And they thoughtfully included these poems in their second anthology Diagram.2.

Here’s Craig’s cover:

And here’s are a few of my favorite poems below. I don’t have titles, so I separate them with symbols.

The outline of the day,
-smelling of mustard and tears-
stretched to cover my mouth.

Awake, I imagine on my chest,
a small house filled with sleep,
blankets piled high, midnight blue, plush.

Wrapping them around my eyes, around my feet,
I’m sleepy, yet my mind is busy counting
not sleep, not sheep.

My eyelids close and my lashes flutter,
louder than ever.


I walk under a tree,
that fits like a hat,
leaves waving around.

In a bark shirt,
I’m on my knees praying,
for a good new habit.

People are full.
They pull in their feet and hands,
frothing, they carry no weight,
not even their own.


Weariness muscles my eyes.
I am tied up in exhaustion knots, yet
sleep has abandoned my night.

I imagine dreams standing in line at 3 am.
Negotiating with sleep, I hide and seek among the wires,
arguing for time to think all my thoughts.

Perhaps you could unfold me,
place kisses on my forehead, on my cheek,
maybe then I could sleep.


I’m working on some new poems. One that I really like that’s in the works, is this one:

I went on a walk,
with an almost circle, late-in-the-sky moon,
a glow between clouds,
and a branch.

Turning a corner on the way home,
I looked over my shoulder and saw it again,
astoundingly bright near a tree, then behind a veil,
bow down, the bright light.


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