Comic Notes: Gabrielle Bell

A while back I began to discover comic book/graphic novel artists and among my favorites is Gabrielle Bell. I love her straight forward style and autobiographical storylines. She’s been published by Drawn and Quarterly of Canada which does amazing work.

There has been a growth of graphic novel and comic book shops around town. Three great places I’ve come across are: Desert Island on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg; Bergen Street Comics in Park Slope; Rocketship on Smith Street in Cobblehill; (and my pal Drew directed me to a wonderful one in Portland, OR called Reading Frenzy). So it’s easy to find Bell’s books, support local owners, and to discover great new work.

Added Jan 24: The friendly owner of Desert Island mentioned that Gabirelle Bell has a blog. It’s here.


One thought on “Comic Notes: Gabrielle Bell

  1. What is the meaning of all the endings? Is i supposed to teach a lesson? I thought that the ending was always a cliff hanger and to take what you need to learn from it.

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