Ursus Books

In November during the first weeks at my new job the Whitney museum I noticed the sign for a book store above the Carlyle Hotel. It read Ursus Books. I was intrigued, but couldn’t see the entrance. When I asked colleagues they hadn’t been there and also weren’t sure of the location of the shop’s front door.

I forgot about it unless I was walking along Madison in that direction each time looking up at Ursus Books wanting to go in and look around. So right before the holiday break I decided to go into The Carlyle. Seeing a stairway to the first floor, up I went and there it was–a glass door to Ursus Books. I only needed to ring a bell and then I was in a room of what I then told Craig was “big danger” as I immediately wanted  three of the stunning art books one of the tables. It’s one of those places. I then read a bit about the store and saw that it was founded back in the 1970s!

I did allow myself the amazing Eva Hesse drawing book edited by Catherine de Zegher published by The Drawing Center and a stunning book in English and German on James Turrell (This is a link to James Turrell on PBS’s Art:21). And I’m going back for a book on Hiroshige to die for…here’s the book.


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