It’s Good to Live with a Geek

I meant to write this last week, but was quite busy with the announcement of the 2010, Whitney Biennial artists and such so had to take a week off. Now I need now give a shout out to the geeks of the world especially the one I live with. I asked him if “geek” was a positive term, i.e. if I was allowed to use it here, and he said yes.

In any given week, Craig Howarth, my life partner and wonderful pal, will point out to me at least one techie item that change the way I do things. The most recent example is Feedly. I’ve been griping about the Google Reader’s ugly interface for a while now and Craig mentioned Feedly as another way to look at the RSS feeds I’ve gathered. I’m still looking at whether Feedly will work for my needs, but it’s a much more elegant solution to the “how to I scan all this News” problem. In the same week Craig emailed me a new way to skim The New York Times-a kind of headline summation that The Times puts together by section. Again I’m just testing it out, but whether or not I end up using these tools it’s so lovely to have a geek on my side.


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