Sci Fi Love

Every once in a while I get up on my Sci Fi soap box and pass along a favs list, usually a gentle entry into the genre to ease newbies into this fabulous world of entertainment, philosophy, and mind-bending creativity.

SOLARIS, Stanislaw Lem: among my favorite books of all time, this is an incredibly inventive tale about humans on the planet Solaris, which is much more than a mere pile o’ rocks.

THE MARRIAGE BETWEEN ZONE ,THREE, FOUR, AND FIVE, Dorris Lessing: Lessing has written several sci fi works, and this is one of my favs.

THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS, Ursula LeGuin: love the gender-bending species in this novel. Who’s male, who’s female, no one knows.

PATTERN RECOGNITION, Wilson Gibson, NEUROMANCER too: start with Pattern Recognition, as it’s more digestible and very entertaining. If you like it, give his seminal novel Neuromaner a whirl.

LILITH’S BROOD, Octovia Butler: Love this trilogy about humans and a visiting species co-mingling.

UBIK and DO ANDRIODS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP (basis for the film BLADE RUNNER), Philip K. Dick: yes you can tell Dick likes drugs, but at least he is able to articulate ideas he meets on his trips.







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