Hey Ladies, You Rock!

Today I’m thinking about the LADIES in my family–they all rock…hard!

Mom: Becky Duning, writing a searing (or seering?) play of amazement, caring for her partner Peter

Childhood Care Wonder Woman-Jean Stockdale, community organizer supreme and her daughter Suzy (Stockdale) Jivotovski, in 10th grade at the prestigious Miss Potter’s school, and amazing volunteer

Step-Mom: Sarah Davies, working on her PhD, dealing with my crazy (in every sense of the word) Pops

Step-sis-Elise Quagliata, Opera singer extraordinaire

Step-sis-in-law-Gail Braddock Quagliata, Artist incredible-say this with a French accent, heading to Pratt this Fall

Step-Grandma, Lila Miller, amazing Quilter and volunteer fabuloso

Step-Aunts Lyds (Lydia Keller Miller) and Linda (Linda Ledford-Miller), great teachers and cooks and women of the world. And Madeline in California with her grown kids daughter Clara and son Zak.

Aunt-Margie Fuller, Lawyer of the world

Cousin Julia (Fuller) Kindy, amazing mom, recent breast-cancer survivor, creative management person-at-large and her two lovely girls: Kay Kay and Elena

Cousin’s Caroline Liao and Vincy Dunmire, two amazing ladies in California with whom I hope to catch up soon: Caroline home-schooling three fab kids (Laura, Melinda, and Wesley) near San Fran and Vincy working hard in Southern Cal.

To you all, I say: I’m lucky to have you in my life as both inspiration and, simply, to love and be loved by. This is true wealth and I’m very rich.

LISTEN: Holly Near’s “You Bet“: look on the left hand side and click on.

(Shout out to Jean for taking me to see Holly Near as a pre-teen! We stayed for the second concert. What a night!!)

p.s. Love the men too! I’ll do a “Hey Men Folk, You Rock!” post when inspired in the near future


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