Japanese Directors: Part 1.2

Last night Craig reminded me of a favorite Japanese director, a living one!, that I left off my list: Hayao Miyazaki. I had to add this note as Miyazaki has created some of the most amazing stories and images I’ve ever seen.

-I love his young female protagonists like Nausicaä, Kiki, Chihiro, Princess Mononoke…go girls go! I love the bad guys being women sometimes too!

-I love the willingness to go dark: boars riddled with worm-like demons, the head of forest spirit cut off, turning a young girl into a crone, etc.

-I love Totoro. I printed six film stills of when Totoro is waiting for the bus with the small leaf on his head holding an umbrella. I have them around to bump into now and then. Totoro is a spirit that guides me.


One thought on “Japanese Directors: Part 1.2

  1. I loved Princess Mononoke. A lot of anime classics have adult and dark themes…something that really stands out to western audiences who are used to animation being something just for kids…but Mononoke felt more traumatic because of the lush forest world it created and how it looked like this green utopia. The violence really contrasted that. I loved those little doll things who’s heads wobbled.

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