Things I Like

Every so often I’d like to do a THINGS I LIKE post that will be eclectic. At one time I thought I’d like to open a shop with the name “Things I Like” as it would be lovely to collect beautiful objects and things from around the world, sit among them, and sell them to their new owners. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when I’m 80.

So here are some things I like at the moment:

I’ve always Loved semi-precious stones. Their colors, light, textures, weight just feel good whether in their raw, chunky form or smooth in jewelry. I was look around for a place to find beads, maybe to make something myself and found this stone site: I like looking at all the colors and shapes, especially of Labradorite, at the moment.

Because I live in Brooklyn, any favorite shops are probably going to be located there. The shop that I recommend the Very Most, All the Time is Red Lipstick on Vanderbilt Avenue in Prospect Heights. Its owner Stacey is the bomb. She has out of this world taste, and although the shop is small, I never left without the next dress or shirt or bag or earrings for which I will receive tons of compliments.  (Be careful about the opening times. I think the store is open Wed-Sun, but I’m not sure.)

The other place I love at the moment has two locations, one on 5th Avenue in Park Slope: MATTER. It’s a  trendy store of household-esque designed objects, and decorative pieces and jewelry. But although it is in the zeitgeist of what’s hip hot now–they do it so well. And there are pieces that I think are or will be classics. I try not to go there if I’m saving $$ because I know I’ll see something (a basket made of tires, a necklace with the words Je t’aime, a bowl made of melted plastic toy soldiers…) that I will want. Matter: Here’s more info: They also have a location in Soho.

And right next door to Matter, is my favorite card and wrapping paper + small gifts shop: Scaredy Kat. I think they might be closed Mondays: And they have a blog,

Also on Park Slope’s 5th Avenue is my favorite gift shop Cog and Pearl. It’s another place I only go to when I can spend money because they have such original, beautiful objects that I’ll find something every time.


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