Words I Love, Alone or In Groups

I feel like thinking about Words I Love today.

Books: Roberto Bolano’s 2666

Even thought I haven’t finished what was meant to be Five Books, there are sentences here that spin me around. I’ve actually written several down in a notebook just to savor them a little bit more. Here are two:

“…, or maybe not, maybe her peacefulness was just peacefulness and a hint of weariness, peacefulness and banked embers, peacefulness and tranquility and sleepiness, which is ultimately (sleepiness, that is) the wellspring and also the last refuge of peacefulness. But then peacefulness isn’t just peacefulness, thought Fate. Or what we think of as peacefulness is wrong and peacefulness or the realms of peacefulness are really no more than a gauge of movement , an accelerator or a brake, depending.” -(on peacefulness, pg. 302, Hardcover edition)

-“And the window ledge and the roses outside and beyond them the grass and the tree and the evening advancing across ridges and ravines and lonely crags. The shadows that crept imperceptibly across the inside of the cottage, creating angles where none had existed before, vague sketches that suddenly appeared on the walls, circles that faded like mute explosions.” pg. 90

Bolano knocks me out!

Another big fave: Fernando Pessoa, the Portuguese poet and writer, who wrote a poem that included these lines: “The Universe is not an idea of mine; My idea of the Universe is an idea of mine.” I’m also still am dipping into his gorgeous The Book of Disquiet.

In the Music/Word category it is hard to beat Leonard Cohen: “I cannot follow you, my love. You cannot follow me. I am the distance you put between all the moments that we will be.” (“You Know Who I Am”)

When I first heard Cohen’s voice and lyrics I thought I was sitting with the Oracle of Delphi. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oracle_of_Delphi#Oracle. Damn he cuts to the bone.

Thinking about words purely, lately I’ve fallen in love with Sanskrit. I picked up a Book of Sanskrit names because it caught my eye. (I’m not trying to name anything at the moment.) And the words and their meanings and music are stunning. I’m sure I’ll try to either write a poem in Sanskrit, or I should name something, maybe  a plant in our living room.

A few Sanskrit names-words (without their vowel accents. I’m not sure how to add those here):

Sagara = Ocean, Lalita = lovely, gentle, innocent, Kavya = poetry, Lola = fond of (Kavyalola=fond of poetry), Santa = peace, Vicara = inquiry, Gita = song, Marici = ray of light, Manjula = beautiful, Manju = joyous, Sana = calm, Tara = star, Ishma = spring, Mani = gem, jewel, Loka = world…I could go on for a looong while. This language is so musical!



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