Sneak Peek at New Chapbook: Between My Teeth

I’ll be printing my third Chapbook, Between My Teeth, later this month. Hope to distribute in early April. Here are two of my favorites from the book. The second one concludes the chapbook.


The outline of the day 
-smelling of mustard and tears-
stretched to cover my mouth.

Awake, I imagine on my chest,
a small house filled with sleep,
blankets piled high, midnight blue, plush.

Wrapping them around my eyes, around my feet,
I’m sleepy, yet my mind is busy counting
not sleep, not sheep.

My eyelids close and my lashes flutter,
louder than ever.



Fearful thoughts of tomorrow’s skin,
heard in trembling voices on bundles of cooper wire.
Are they to be woven? To be consumed?

Stepping out, hips left, toes curled, head low,
I hold vibrant lights on my tongue,
mouth-stars that melt the moment I swallow.

Asking my neighbor for that good advice,
I taste garlic and anise as I fall sideways,
ungraceful, akimbo.





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